High Performance Computing

HPC Projects ...

    Faculty PIs of NC State University projects currently utilizing HPC resources:

    Faculty PI Department URL
    Matthew Breen Anatomy Physiological Sci. Radiology
    Christian Maltecca Animal Science
    Harry Daniels Applied Ecology
    Benjamin Reading Applied Ecology
    Colleen Doherty Biochemistry
    David Lalush Biomedical Engineering
    Gary Gilleskie BTEC-Biomanufacturing Training Education Center
    Peter Fedkiw Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Keith Gubbins Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering http://gubbins.ncsu.edu
    Carol Hall Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering http://turbo.che.ncsu.edu
    Gregory Reeves Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Erik Santiso Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Phillip Westmoreland Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Felix Castellano Chemistry
    Dadi Dai Chemistry
    Stefan Franzen Chemistry http://chsfpc5.chem.ncsu.edu/~franzen/sf.html
    Elon Ison Chemistry
    Elena Jakubikova Chemistry
    Elena Jakubikova Chemistry
    M Whangbo Chemistry
    Gavin Williams Chemistry
    Murthy Guddati Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering Not yet
    Tasnim Hassan Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering
    Casey Dietrich Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
    Joel Ducoste Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
    Abhinav Gupta Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
    Mohammad Pour-Ghaz Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
    Ross Meentemeyer College of Natural Resources Center for Earth Observation
    Khaled Harfoush Computer Science
    Nagiza Samatova Computer Science
    Mladen Vouk Computer Science http://sdm.lbl.gov/sdmcenter/index.html
    Timothy Menzies Computer Science-Engineering
    Candace Haigler Crop Science
    James Holland Crop Science http://www4.ncsu.edu/~jholland/homepage.htm
    Jeffrey Yoder Department Molecular Biomedical Sciences
    Kathryn Meurs Department of Clinical Sciences
    Jay Levine Department of Population Health and Pathobiology
    Denis Pelletier Economics
    Nora Traum Economics
    Alexandra Duel-Hallen Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Dror Baron Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Edward Gehringer Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Ki Wook Kim Electrical and Computer Engineering http://www.ece.ncsu.edu/nano/
    James Tuck Electrical and Computer Engineering http://go.ncsu.edu/jtuck
    David Tarpy Entomology
    Edward Vargo Entomology
    Fred Breidt Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
    Roland Kays Forestry and Environmental Resources Academic Research
    Trudy MacKay Genetics
    Fabio Morgante Genetics
    Anantha Aiyyer Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Ruoying He Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences http://www4.ncsu.edu/~rhe/project.htm
    Gary Lackmann Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences http://www4.ncsu.edu/~gary/forecastlab
    Nicholas Meskhidze Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences http://www4.ncsu.edu/~nmeskhi/Homepage.html
    Matthew Parker Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences http://www.meas.ncsu.edu/storms/
    Walter Robinson Marine Earth And Atmospheric Sciences
    Fredrick Semazzi Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Lian Xie Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences http://dell01-112res3.meas.ncsu.edu/CFDL/
    Yang Zhang Marine Earth And Atmospheric Sciences http://www.meas.ncsu.edu/aqforecasting
    Thom LaBean Materials Engineering
    Srikanth Patala Materials Engineering
    Donald Brenner Materials Science and Engineering
    Douglas Irving Materials Science and Engineering http://www.mse.ncsu.edu/research/irving/
    James LeBeau Materials Science and Engineering
    Justin Schwartz Materials Science and Engineering
    Yaroslava Yingling Materials Science and Engineering http://www.mse.ncsu.edu/yingling
    Thomas Banks Mathematics
    John Harlim Mathematics
    Min Kang Mathematics
    Carl Tim Kelley Mathematics http://www4.ncsu.edu/~ctk/
    Marie Muller Mechanical & Aerospace Engr
    Youness Alvandi Tabrizi Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Tarek Echekki Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering http://www.mae.ncsu.edu/homepages/echekki/CRFL_Research/Computational Reacting Flows Laboratory @ NCState.htm
    Jack Edwards Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering www.mae.ncsu.edu/research/CFD_lab/index.html
    Ashok Gopalarathnam Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Clement Kleinstreuer Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering http://www.mae.ncsu.edu/research/ck_CM-P_Lab/index.htm
    Mark Pankow Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    J Tu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Yong Zhu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Mohammed Zikry Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering http://www.mae.ncsu.edu/homepages/zikry/zikry.htm
    Clay Clark Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
    Hany Abdel-Khalik Nuclear Engineering
    Dmitriy Anistratov Nuclear Engineering
    Igor Bolotnov Nuclear Engineering
    Jacob Eapen Nuclear Engineering
    Ayman Hawari Nuclear Engineering
    Paul Turinsky Nuclear Engineering No
    Yunan Liu Operations Research-Engineering
    Jerry Bernholc Physics www.chips.ncsu.edu/~bernholc
    Karen Daniels Physics
    Carla Frohlich Physics
    James Kneller Physics
    Davide Lazzati Physics grb.physics.ncsu.edu
    Dean Lee Physics www.physics.ncsu.edu/ntg
    Lubos Mitas Physics http://altair.physics.ncsu.edu
    Christopher Roland Physics under physics faculty website
    Ignazio Carbone Plant Pathology http://servbio.hpc.ncsu.edu:81/mobyle/cgi-bin/v1.0.5/portal.py#welcome
    Christina Cowger Plant Pathology
    Dr Quesada Plant Pathology
    Adam Meade Psychology
    Montserrat Fuentes Statistics
    Arnab Maity Statistics
    Alison Motsinger-Reif Statistics http://www4.stat.ncsu.edu/~motsinger/Lab_Website/Home.html
    Rui Song Statistics
    Eric Stone Statistics
    Jung-Ying Tzeng Statistics
    Shaobang Zeng Statistics
    Shaobang Zeng Statistics
    H Zhou Statistics
    Ahmed El-Shafei Textile Engineering Chemistry and Science
    Melissa Pasquinelli Textile Engineering Chemistry and Science http://www.te.ncsu.edu/mpasquinelli
    Jaime Collazo Zoology http://www.basic.ncsu.edu/dsl/
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