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Two types of faculty positions exist at NCSU.  Regular faculty appointments have tenure considerations.  These are also known as tenure-track or tenured faculty appointments.  Faculty on tenure-track appointments are appointed for an established time frame during which a review for tenure consideration takes place.  Actions taken at the time of review may be to not reappoint, to reappoint, or to confer permanent tenure.  Permanent tenure means an individual holds one's position on a permanent basis without periodic contract renewals.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments include:

  • Instructors (appropriate for an individual for whom there is an expectation that the individual will be appointed to a professorial rank at this or another institution)
  • Assistant Professors (entry-level professorial appointment, appointed for an initial probationary term of four years.  Before the end of the third year of the initial term, the department head shall review the assistant professor’s performance and recommend to the dean either:  1) that the assistant professor be reappointed for a second term of three years, or 2) that the assistant professor not be reappointed)
  • Associate Professors (associate professor promoted to that rank by the university shall have tenure.  An associate professor coming to that rank from outside the university may either be appointed with tenure or for an initial probationary term of no more than five years)
  • Full Professors (tenure granted)

The second type of faculty positions at NCSU is non-tenure track.  The university may designate non-tenure track faculty appointments, which are appropriate for individuals who possess unusual qualifications for teaching, research, academic administration, or public service from an academic base, but for whom none of the regular faculty ranks is appropriate. These appointments are fixed term appointments and are not eligible for tenure consideration or conferral of tenure.  A non-tenure track faculty appointment has the protection of academic tenure only during the fixed term of appointment.  Non-tenure track faculty appointments prefix modifiers include adjunct, research, clinical, teaching or extension.  Appointment to the rank of librarian, lecturer or field faculty is a non-tenure track faculty appointment.

Appointments to a non-tenure track professorial rank of assistant professor, associate professor or professor must a prefix modifier:

  • Clinical: An appointment with a principal responsibility in clinical practice or clinical research.
  • Extension: An appointment with a principal responsibility in extension and engagement.
  • Practicum: An appointment with a principal responsibility in design practice or design research.
  • Research: An appointment with a principal responsibility in research.
  • Teaching: An appointment with a principal responsibility in teaching.
  • Adjunct: Part-time (<0.75 FTE) appointment of a person employed primarily outside the university or part-time appointment of a university employee for performance of duties outside his or her primary responsibilities. Adjunct appointments of a university employee must comply with NCSU Regulation 05.58.01 - Additional Compensation Paid through the University.
  • Visiting: Appointment of a person who qualifies for or holds academic rank at another institution of higher education and is in residence at NC State.

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