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Pride of the Wolfpack Award Program

The Pride of the Wolfpack Award is a "spot award" designed to recognize individual employees for a special or unique contribution to their college or unit or to the campus community.

Through the generous sponsorship of the NC State Bookstores, recipients of the Pride of the Wolfpack Award will receive a framed certificate and lapel pin.

Eligibility Criteria

Employees in the following categories may be nominated for the Pride of the Wolfpack Award:

  • permanent SPA employees
  • permanent EPA employees excluding EPA faculty and senior academic and administrative officers

Retirees, faculty, senior academic and administrative officers, and temporary employees are not eligible for the Pride of the Wolfpack Award. Examples of temporary employees include, but are not limited to, graduate assistants, house officers, postdoctoral scholars, and student workers. Groups or teams are also ineligible for the Pride of the Wolfpack Award. In order for each member of a group or team to receive an award, each member must be nominated individually.

Award Criteria

Each college and business unit has the flexibility to establish the nomination and selection criteria for the Pride of the Wolfpack Award. Please contact each college or unit coordinator for more information.

College / Unit Coordinator Phone Email Address
Office of the Chancellor Kathy Moritz 515-2191
Office of Finance and Business Missie Davis 515-8858
Office of Information Technology Pat Gaddy 515-7985
Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development Miriam Hines 515-2117
Office of the Provost Karen Acree 515-7582
Division of Academic and Student Affairs Vickie Youngblood 515-2115
Office of University Advancement Iaine MacDonald 515-9078
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dorothy Lee 515-1379
College of Design Christie Chronister 515-8302
College of Education Natalie Worth 515-5904
College of Engineering Connie Reno 515-8521
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Crissy Williams-Brown 513-1828
Poole College of Management Donna Barrett 515-6176
College of Natural Resources Trenel Holloway 513-1252
College of Sciences Trish Rollins-Lalor 515-7277
College of Textiles Kate Ryan 515-6640
College of Veterinary Medicine Emily Johnson 513-6395

Submitting a Nomination

Please complete the below form to nominate an employee for the Pride of the Wolfpack Award.

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Nominator Information

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*College or Unit:
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Nominee Information

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