Classification & Compensation



Classification & Compensation provides consultation to NC State’s colleges and divisions in the administration of personnel positions that are Subject to the Personnel Act (SPA) of North Carolina.

The job classification system applied to SPA positions is known as Career Banding. Our department ensures consistent administration of a broad range of job titles by assisting campus in the development of position descriptions, conducting job analysis, and by providing additional services detailed below.

Consultative Services

The Classification and Compensation Department facilitates effective organizational management and equitable classification and salary decisions for the University's workforce by providing:

  • Consultation for organizational and position design
  • Organizational reviews and studies   
  • Compensation analysis and administration
  • Job analysis and evaluation
  • Determination of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) designation for positions
  • Customized training and various courses offered through the HR Academy.

Quick Links

Access PeopleAdmin

SPA Positions - How to create or change an SPA position.

Job Categories (JCATS) – A job taxonomy based on the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) used for the federal reporting of university and college data.

Pay Ranges - Compensation ranges for SPA, EPA and temporary employees.

Fair Labor Standards Act - U.S. Department of Labor criteria for determining which employees are subject to or exempt from the overtime provisions of the Act

Salary Adjustments - SPA adjustments for job change, equity, market, retention, and career banding adjustments. EPA Salary Adjustments may be requested for specific circumstances.

Additional Compensation - On-call, Holiday Premium, Shift Premium, and other circumstances that justify additional pay.

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