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SPA Promotion

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A promotion occurs when an employee moves from one banded position to another with a higher market rate. Salary determination for a promotion shall be based on application of all Pay Factors.


Salaries shall be based on the application of all the Pay Factors, The new salary should not be lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum for the banded class. The recommended salary should ideally be near the appropriate market reference rate (contributing, journey, or advanced) based on overall competency level the employee demonstrates, unless one of the pay factors prevents this.
Written Justification must be submitted to OSP for review and approval prior to offering a salary increase of 20% or more.

Temporary Promotion ("Acting")

When an employee is placed in an "acting" capacity for a specific period of time, the employee remains in the current position but assumes duties of the higher level position. A salary adjustment may be considered with the understanding that the increase will be discontinued when the "acting" assignment ends. Written justification for such a salary increase must include the position number and classification title of the position in which the employee is "acting."

Pay increase guidelines for promotions apply for temporary or "acting" promotions, with the exception of the mandatory increase to the minimum rate. The amount of the increase is determined by the degree to which the employee assumes the higher level duties, relative salaries within the unit, and overall performance expectations.

Effective Date for Temporary Promotions

Temporary promotions and temporary salary adjustments may be made effective on the date that an employee is officially placed in an "acting" capacity

Approval for Promotions

Promotional increases must be approved by both the employing unit and appropriate school dean or vice chancellor prior to review by Human Resources.

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