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Types of SPA Appointments

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An appointment is the approval of an applicant or employee to perform the duties of an SPA established position. The appointment of all personnel into classified university positions is subject to the approval of Employment Services and the Office of State Personnel.

Probationary SPA Appointments
A permanent appointment is a full-time or part-time appointment to an established SPA position. Permanent status must be given when the requirements of the probationary period have been satisfied and the employee has completed orientation and Hazards Communication Training. Employees in trainee appointments must complete training and experience requirements.
Individuals receiving original appointments to permanent or time-limited positions serve a probationary period of six months, with the exception of law enforcement officers who serve a probationary period of twelve months. The probationary period provides time for the new employee to adjust and allows the supervisor time to be assured of satisfactory work performance before granting permanent status. For non-law enforcement officers, probation may be extended to a maximum of nine months if documented performance concerns exist. A probationary period may not be imposed with the promotion, transfer, demotion, or reassignment of a permanent employee.
The conditions of the probationary period must be clearly conveyed to the applicant prior to employment. A supervisor is expected to work closely with the employee during this period. Frequent discussions on the employee's progress are suggested.
Probationary employees are not subject to the successive disciplinary steps required for permanent employees.

Change to Permanent Status
The effective date for a change in status is the day the employee meets acceptable performance and credentials requirements, but not less than six months from the date of employment for non-law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers may be changed to permanent status after twelve months of acceptable performance and meeting credentials requirements. Credit for the full month is given when the employee is in a pay status for at least one-half of the workdays and holidays in the month.
A change in status or separation for the probationary employee must be submitted prior to the expiration of the probationary period. If performance concerns exist, an extension of the probationary period to nine months is acceptable. After nine months of employment, the department must grant permanent status regardless of performance concerns.

Trainee Appointment
A trainee appointment may be made to positions when recruitment efforts fail to attract qualified candidates and when the recommended applicant fails to meet minimum state education and experience requirements. The posting must denote that trainees will be considered.

Time-Limited Appointment
A time-limited appointment with probationary or permanent status must be made to:

  • A permanent position that is vacant due to a leave of absence -- such an appointment will be for one year or less
  • A time-limited position funded by contracts, grants, or other non-state funds

A time-limited appointment may not exceed three years. After three years of employment, the employee will receive a permanent appointment, regardless of the source or duration of funds.

Temporary Appointment
A temporary appointment may be made for a limited term, normally not to exceed three to six months. A longer appointment may be requested but a temporary appointment will not, under any circumstances, exceed 11 consecutive months.
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