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Information for Transfers

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A transfer is the movement of an employee from one state position to another without a break in service (non-pay status for more than 31 days). To promote employee career mobility, the University encourages departments to consider internal employees for vacant positions.

Employees who have achieved permanent status are eligible to apply for transfer to other departments. Transfers within the same department may occur at any time.

Employees interested in transfer must complete a Staff Employment Application and must apply for specific vacancies as listed at Employees should consider contacting Employment Services for career counseling, application and resume completion assistance, and job vacancy and training information. Transfers may be effective on any day of the month.

Transfer of Benefits

When an employee transfers to another agency, all unused sick and vacation leave are transferred.

If an employee reports to the new position in the first workday following University separation, the University carries the employee through the day prior to the effective date of the transfer (even though the separation date may fall on a non-workday). An exception may be made when the releasing date falls on a non-workday at the first of the month, in which case the pickup should be made on the first day of the month. If other time is involved, such as holidays or approved vacation, the University and the receiving agency agree upon who pays the employee.

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