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SPA Performance Pay Dispute

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SPA employees have the right to formally dispute their performance ratings, performance pay decisions and some Career Banding decisions. Decisions resulting from the University Performance Pay Dispute Resolution Procedure are final and cannot be appealed beyond the University level.

To file for a review of a performance pay issue, you must contact the Division of Human Resources within 15 workdays of receiving written notification of the performance appraisal rating, performance pay decision, receipt of the written appraisal and/or written notice of banding placements, and complete an SPA Performance Pay Dispute Resolution Form.

What Are the Procedures?

Step 1 - The first level of management reviews the case and provides the grievant with a written ruling.

If not satisfied with management's decision, you may request a panel hearing.

Step 2 - A panel reviews the case and submits a written recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business, who then renders the University's written decision to both you and the department management.