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SPA Grievances and Appeals

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Any permanent SPA employee may appeal a demotion, suspension, dismissal, or wrongful denial of employee rights under university policies or state or federal law, through the university's grievance procedure.

Any probationary SPA employee is eligible to access the grievance procedure if alleging discrimination or if alleging the presence of misleading or inaccurate information in his or her personnel file.

To file a Prohibited Workplace Harassment or discrimination complaint, contact Employee Relations, 515-6575, or the Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity, 515-3148.

How Do I File?

Within 15 calendar days of a disciplinary or other qualifying event (30 calendar days if unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation relating thereto is alleged), the employee must submit a completed SPA Employee Grievance form to Employee Relations in order to file the grievance. An Employee Relations representative will notify the employee's department that a grievance has been filed and will oversee the steps of the grievance procedure.

Note: A performance pay dispute must be filed within 15 workdays of receiving written notification of the performance appraisal rating, performance pay decision, receipt of the written appraisal and/or written notice of banding placements.

What Are the Procedures?

The SPA Grievance Procedure was established to ensure the fair, orderly and prompt resolution of various work-related disputes.

Step 1 - The next level of management in the chain-of-command will meet with the grievant within ten (10) calendar days of written notification from Human Resources of the acceptance of the grievance. The purpose of the meeting is to attempt to resolve the issue to the mutual satisfaction of the employee and management. Within ten (10) calendar days of the meeting, the Step One designee shall provide a written ruling to the grievant. If the grievant is not satisfied with the Step One ruling, he or she may proceed to Step Two.

Step 2 - Within five (5) calendar days of receipt or attempted delivery of the Step One ruling, the grievant must provide written notice to Employee Relations that he or she wants to proceed to Step Two, a hearing before a grievance panel. This panel will submit a written recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business (or designee) who will issue the university's final decision in writing to both the grievant and management.

Can I File An Appeal?

Any employee, including probationary employees, may file an appeal with the State Personnel Commission if alleging discrimination or the presence of misleading or inaccurate information in his or her personnel file.

Probationary employee may also appeal to the Office of Administrative Hearing if alleging unlawful employment discrimination or the presence of misleading or inaccurate information in their personnel files.


Mediation is an informal, semi-structured process in which an impartial third party (a mediator) assists disputing parties in working through and resolving work-related problems or conflicts. It is a non-judgmental, voluntary process that focuses on helping parties find mutually satisfying resolutions to their problems, consistent with each of their interests and without formal grievance proceedings.

For additional information, contact Employee Relations, 515-6575.