Human Resources Information Management (HRIM)

HRIM provides tools. . .

The Human Resource System (HRS) is a web-based software application for processing personnel actions.
The application is accessible from the MYPACK Portal with a valid unity ID and password. The application supports the information needs of Human Resources (HR), Payroll, Employee Services, Benefits, and Management functions within the university. It merges resource management activities into standardized categories, folders, sub folders, and topics. The linkage of its payroll and human resource activities in the HR System makes the software application both rigid and flexible.


HRIM also provides query documentation and instructions on generating reports with minor modifications to public queries so that the reports can be tailored to department/unit needs.

HRIM provides online HRS Training to assist you with personnel action processing.


9.1 Upgrade Information

Human Resource Systems:

HRIM record keeping...

HRIM maintains all employee personnel files. These files contain an employee's application for employment as well as records on promotions, transfers, salary increases or separation. For monthly employees in need of Employment Verification follow the instructions on the link.

HRIM helps you. . .

For departments with personnel action processing questions, contact your HRIM Specialist.

For temporary or student employees interested in reviewing your personnel file or needing employment verification for for the past five years, contact the HRIM Records Manager 919-515-7929.

HRIM Staff:

Todd Driver Assistant Director, HRIM 919-515-7673
Joe Matise Technical Consultant, HRIM 919-515-4301
Andy Naylor Technical Consultant, HRIM 919-515-7649
Vance Prince Training Administrator, HRIM 919-515-4292
Debbie Nachtrieb HR Specialist, HRIM 919-513-1766
Denise JimenezHR Specialist, HRIM 919-515-4299
Christina Moore HR Specialist, HRIM 919-515-4305
Terria BatesRecords Manager, HRIM 919-513-2572