I-9 Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who needs to comply with the I-9 process and requirements?

  2. When must the I-9 process be completed?

  3. How do I complete an I-9 form with a new employee?

  4. Can an I-9 form be completed before the new employee actually begins to work?

  5. What happens if I am not able to complete Section 2 of the I-9 form within three days after the hire date?

  6. Do volunteers on campus need to complete I-9 forms?

  7. How does the new employee know what documents to present to prove identity and ability to work in the United States?

  8. What happens when a new employee does not present the required identity and employment eligibility documents within three days after the hire date?

  9. Can I tell the employee which documents to bring to complete the I-9 form?

  10. Does the employee have to show me the documents in-person or can someone else (parents, friends) show the documents to HR on the new employee’s behalf?

  11. May I accept an expired document?

  12. May I accept a photocopy of a document presented by the employee?

  13. If a foreign national or a nationalized U.S. citizen, has a one-word legal name (the person does not have both a “first” name and a “last” name), how do you enter it into the I-9 Guardian system?

  14. What if the new employee does not yet have a valid Social Security Number?

  15. What do I do if the employee’s Social Security Card says “Not Valid for Employment” or “Valid for Work only with USCIS Authorization” on it?

  16. Is the Social Security Card acceptable if it is laminated?

  17. Should I make copies of the documents the employee presents for completion of Section 2?

  18. Should I keep a copy of the I-9 form?

  19. Do I need to do a new I-9 form when a temporary employee becomes permanent, or a part-time employee changes to full-time (or vice versa), or an employee changes departments on campus, etc.?

  20. What happens when a foreign national employee changes or extends his/her nonimmigrant status and work authorization?

  21. How does a new employee who is hired to work outside of North Carolina complete a new I-9 form?

  22. Do I need to do an I-9 form for an independent contractor?

  23. Do I need an I-9 form for a “no pay” employee?