Remote Hires

When a new employee is hired in another state and will be employed in that other state, an electronic I-9 must be completed by a person authorized by NC State to act as its “agent” for electronic I-9 completion purposes. In order to process a remote I-9 form, we must have the following information before we can begin setting up this process:

*IMPORTANT* We must have a start date and an active NCSU email address for each employee before we can begin this process.* Please keep in mind that NCSU email addresses are not activated until the day after they are created in PeopleSoft. The employee must have an NCSU email address to receive the login information.

  • Employee’s First and Last Name
  • Employee ID Number
  • Start Date
  • NCSU Email Address

In order to assign and give a remote user temporary access to our electronic system, please work with your employee first to locate a university or governmental agency close to his/her location. (If there is not one, then he/she will need to try to locate someone else with prior I-9 experience.) After locating an institution, please contact the HR department of this university/governmental agency to request assistance from a representative familiar with I-9 completion. Once the representative (remote user) agrees to assist with the electronic I-9 process, please pass on his/her contact information to your employee, so that your employee may schedule an appointment to complete the electronic I-9 form with that representative (remote user).

(Please Note: Remote users do NOT have to currently participate in an electronic I-9 process – we give them temporary access to our system, limiting their ability to only completing Section 2 of this particular I-9 form.)

Once a remote user has been identified, we will also need the following information:

  • Remote User’s First and Last Name
  • Remote User’s Email Address

Please email everyone’s contact information to International Employment so that we can forward both the employee and the remote user the links and instructions to our electronic system, allowing them access to complete the electronic I-9 form.

Please Note: A paper I-9 form is not acceptable.

Helpful Tips

  • Advise both the employee and the remote user to avoid using Google Chrome as their Internet browser
  • Make sure their pop-up blocker is turned OFF
  • It is advised that they clear their “cache” before starting the form. Some remote users have experienced issues with obtaining their temporary pin if they have not cleared their cache.
  • The employee must complete Section 1 of the I-9 form before he/she meets with the remote user

Completing the Remote I-9

After the remote user and the employee have completed the electronic I-9 form, please have the employee email you to confirm this completion. At this time you, or the I-9 Guardian users assigned to your location, must log into I-9 Guardian, search for the employee’s I-9 form, review this form, mark the I-9 completed and approved, and be sure that the E-Verify process is finalized in order for the electronic I-9 process to be considered complete.