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Direct Deposit Information

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NC State University's Regulation

As a condition of new or continued employment, all individuals paid through NC State University's payroll system must participate in the University's Direct Deposit program. See REG05-45.01 for more details.

Direct Deposit Enrollment/Update

Important Notice:  Due to recent security concerns, as of April 11, 2014, the option to change your direct deposit via Employee Self Service has been temporary suspended.  All changes must be processed by University Payroll. To make a change to your existing direct deposit information complete the direct deposit change form and bring it, along with any applicable documentation and a photo ID, to the University Payroll Office.  (This does not effect new employees who are entering their direct deposit information for the first time.)  Questions?  Contact Meghan Kosbe ar 919-513-7606 or Regina House at 919-515-4355. 

To enroll in the Direct Deposit Program, to add additional accounts or to make changes to your current banking information, log into the MyPack Portal, and click on the Employee Self Service tab at the top of the page. You will find "Direct Deposit " under Payroll and Compensation. You will need to have your bank's routing number and your account number for each account (up to a total of three) that you want to depoist all or part of your net pay into. Both of these numbers can be found on the checks in your checkbook. A link to an example of where these numbers appear on checks can be found on the direct deposit "edit" screen. If you do not have checks or if you are unsure of these numbers you will need to contact your bank for these numbers.

Instructions for Multiple Account Enrollment 

You may choose to put all your net pay into one account in one bank or, you may split your deposit across two or three options:

  • Multiple account types (checking or savings) at one bank
  • Multiple accounts at two banks; or, three bank accounts at three different banks
  • A combination of the above

The navigation is the same - MyPack Portal>Main Menu>Employee Self Service>Payroll and Compensation>Direct Deposit.  Once there, the screen will look like this:


It is extremely important for you to read the "Instructions" at the top of the panel, but here are more details about what's new:

  • The 'Add Account' button: That means exactly what it says.  Click this to add a second account; click it again to add a third account.
  • The 'Deposit Type' drop down options:
    1. Balance - If you have only one direct deposit account, 'Balance' means that all of your net pay will go into that account.  If you have more than one account, the last account must be the deposit type of 'Balance' and the balance of your net pay, after distribution of the amount(s) designated to the other accounts(s) will go into that account.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: The account you designate as 'Balance' should be your primary account (the account you deposited into when you only had a choice of designating one account). The account designated as 'Balance' will be used by NCSU Financials for business expense reimbursements; and, by the Flexible Medical Spending vendor (if you are a participant) for claims reimbursements.
    2. Amount - If you have only one direct deposit account, you many not select a deposit type of 'Amount'.  If you have more than one account, the last acocunt listed must be the deposit type of 'Balance', but the other accounts you designate must be a deposit type of 'Amount', for which you must define in the next column 'Amount($).'
  • The 'Amount($)' column: For account types with a deposit type of 'Amount', you must set the dollar value of the amount you want deposited into the account(s). This is an ammount, not a percentage.
  • The 'Move Deposit Order Up' and 'Move Deposit Order Down' columns: This defines the order of your multiple deposits.  Your net pay will fund the first 'Amount' account listed at the top; the second (if applicable) 'Amount' account listed next; and finally, the balance of your net pay into the 'Balance' account.  If you have two 'Amount' accounts listed, you may change their order using the up and down arrows in this column.
  • The trash can symbol: Allows you to delete an account you had previously designated.  Remember, if you delete the account previously designated with a deposit type of 'Balance' the last account remaining will then default to 'Balance'.

Federal Advisory for International ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transactions: Employees who forward the entire amount of their NCSU pay to a bank in another country (after having it direct deposited by NCSU into a US bank) must notify University Payroll at (919) 515-4355, per the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department.

Federal Work-Study Participants Only

Students being paid under the Federal Work-Study program are not required to enroll in the University's Direct Deposit program, but are encouraged to receive their pay by direct deposit. Work-Study students wishing to receive a paper check must pick their check up each payday in the University Payroll Office.

Special Consideration

If a bank rejects a Direct Deposit transaction because of a closed account or entry of incorrect or incomplete account information, then a check may be issued, but ONLY after the money has been returned to the University.

Note: The return transaction can take up to seven (7) business days to process.

Foreign National Exemption

Foreign nationals are required to supply a Social Security number (SSN) to the payroll office before signing up for Direct Deposit. Such individuals will be paid temporarily by paper check but are required to enroll in Direct Deposit as soon as they supply University Payroll with their SSN.

See REG05.45.01 for additional exemptions.

Breaks in Service

If your position is terminated and you are rehired within 90 days, your direct deposit will continue without interruption. After 90 days, you will need to process your enrollment again. Temporary employees who are inactive (do not receive a paycheck) for 90 days will also need to enroll again.