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For New Foreign National Employees

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Welcome to the NC State University Payroll Online New Employee Orientation for Foreign Nationals.  Whether you are a student who also has a job on campus or you are a PostDoc or a Professor there is one thing you all have in common – you are all going to be receiving pay from the University and there are some things you will need to do to make sure this happens.  Below you will find instructions, as well as "Quick Training" videos, that will review what you need to do and what information you'll need to provide to University Payroll's Foreign National Tax unit.  Please contact the Foreign National Tax unit if you have any questions.


Phone: 919-513-3846


Social Security Number

You must have a Social Security number to work in the United States.  If you do not have a Social Security Number you will need to apply for one rigth away with the Social Security Administration . Until you provide University Payroll with a copy of your Social Security card you are not allowed to sign up for direct deposit of your pay.  Instead, you will need to pick up your paycheck each payday in the Foreign National Tax unit's office located in the Administrative Services II building (2nd floor) on Sullivan Drive.

Pay Schedule

Students are paid bi-weekly for the two week period ending two week prior to payday.  For a list of paydays and the pay periods they cover, refer to the Bi-weekly Pay Schedule.

All faculty, staff and postdocs are paid 1/12th of their annual salary on the last business day of the month. Refer to the Monthly Pay Schedule for a list of paydays. Employee's paid on the monthly payroll are paid the current month's pay each month. Any additional compensation (overtime, on call pay, holiday pay, summer school pay, etc.) is entered into the Payroll System at the department/college level each month. Please check with your department to find out what the payment schedule is for any "additional compensation" if applicable.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) is online resource accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection. Through ESS you'll provide your banking information for direct deposit (once you have provided us with a Social Security number), view your monthly pay statements, print your W-2 year end wage & tax statement and more. You will need your Unity ID and password to access ESS. You should receive these prior to or on your first day of employment. If you receive your Unity ID and password prior to your first day, you will not be able to access ESS until your first day.

Please tax a few moments to watch our short introduction to ESS.

An introduction to Employee Self Service   (running time 3:35)

Direct Deposit

All employees are required to  provide their bank account information so that the University can deposit their pay directly into their account(s).   As soon as you provide the Foreign National Tax unit with a copy of your Social Security card you will need to enter your banking information into ESS.  If you enter this information and we do not have a social security number on file for you, the information will be deactivated.

Please review the "Quick Training" video on direct deposit (below) which will explain what information is required and how to enter it into ESS. Funds will be deposited into your bank account by 10:00 am on payday.

Direct Deposit Quick Training Video (running time 5:01)

Payroll Taxes

All Foreign Nationals who will be receiving a paycheck from the University must meet with the Foreign National Tax Specialist for a tax assessment.  You cannot update your tax status online and paper forms will not be accepted.  

Many Foreign Nationals are exempt from paying some, if not all, US taxes, however you will not receive this exemption until you have your tax assessment.

To request an appointment, send an email to:

Year End Tax Statement

All Foreign Nationals who are receiving wages from the University will receive either a W-2 or a 1042S or both at the beginning of each year for the prior calendar (tax) year.  You will need these statements to file your income tax returns.

 W-2 Tax and Earnings Statement are processed in January for the wages you received in the prior calendar year.  Due to IRS regulation the University is required to print your W-2 and mail it to your home UNLESS you tell us you prefer to receive your W-2 electronically via ESS and that you do not want us to mail you a paper copy.

Please review the "Quick Training" Payroll Tax video below for instructions for completing your Online W-4 and NC-4 forms and for changing your preference from paper to electronic W-2.

Those employees who change their preference from paper to electronic will receive an email when the form is available for viewing and printing in ESS, usually by January 15th. Those who wish to receive a paper copy should see it in their mailbox the first week of February.

Payroll Tax Quick Training Video (running time 4:57)

1042-S Forms are processed in February of each year for the prior calendar year. The University will provide Form 1042-S to those of you who qualify for one.  These forms are currently not available electronically.  They will be sent to your department for distribution by February 28th.

Reviewing your Pay Advice

A statement of what you are being paid, including what taxes are being deducted, is available for viewing online via Employee Self Service three (3) days before the bi-weekly payday and seven (7) days before the monthly payday. Select “View Paycheck” under Payroll and Compensation for a list of all your paychecks. The most current paycheck will display at the top of the list.