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Getting a copy of a Pay Statement

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You can view/print a copy your pay statement by logging into MyPack Portal.

  • Click on  the "For Faculty & Staff" tab at the top of your MyPack Portal homepage
  • Under 'Employee Self Service" click on "Payroll and Compensation"
  • Select "View Paycheck".
  • A list of all of your paychecks will open.
  • Click on the date of the one you wish to view/print and it will open.

If you follow these steps and get "stuck" on the Queued panel, try this:

  • Select "For Faculty and Staff" at the top of the page
  • Look for the "My Reports" pagelet at the bottom, left hand side of the page
  • There should be a report listed "NCPY0058", select it
  • When the next page opens, under "File List" there should be three choices. Select the one that ends in .PDF


Your paycheck stub is available for viewing as soon as University Payroll completes the processing of the payroll, usually three to four days prior to payday. Your pay will not be deposited into your bank account until the "check date" noted on the stub.