Training and Organizational Development (T&OD) is now offering its online professional development system, Compass, powered by Skillsoft, to NC State Employees and External Partners.

This new learning portal, which features 3,200 courses for business, professional and IT skills, and 33,000 of the latest industry books and videos, offers 7 certificates of completion with the option to customize a certificate based on unique development needs.

Learn more about our new professional development system, Compass ( or call 919-515-7844



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Kevin Rice Carina Lockley Tina Bennefield Stephanie Davis Valerie Wilson Makeba Jackson
Kevin Rice, Ph.D.
Carina Lockley
Program Coordinator
Tina Bennefield
Senior Consultant
Stephanie Davis
Senior Consultant
Valerie Wilson
Technology Consultant
Makeba Jackson
T&OD Consultant


What NCSU Employees Are Saying About Us

"I am serious when I say that Pathways is one of the most important things that NC STATE does, and the 675 graduates are making a real difference on campus or wherever they are.

--- Dr. Tim Luckadoo, Vice Provost, Campus Life, DASA