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As an employee of NC State University... can obtain your own account license (or 7-day pass) to access The Compass online learning portal, that features 3,200 courses for business, professional, and IT skills, as well as 33,000 of the latest industry books and videos.  

With The Compass online learning portal, you can gain new skills by completing courses completely online and in subject areas that interest you.  You also have the option to enroll in one of our certificate tracks covering specific skills for your current role at NC State.  The Compass certificate tracks include:  Administrative Professional; New Supervisor; Project and Program Management; Leadership Essentials; Workplace Professional; Fundamentals of Management; and Desktop Essentials.  You may also choose to work with our Compass program manager to create a customized certificate for a new or enhanced skillset that you may want or need.


   Fees for account licenses/7-day passes are billed to the employee's campus department

The Compass/Skillsoft Online Learning

Per Individual User

Annual Account License (with 24/7/365 access): $150

Weekly (7-day) Pass (with 24/7/7 access): $25

Group Purchase Discount

(for annual account licenses only)

        10-30 account licenses purchased:  10% discount

31 or more account licenses purchased:  15% discount

 Courses and Certificate Tracks

   Online Course Catalog (PDF)

    Certificate Tracks and Requirements:

 Request a Compass Account License or 7-day Pass

   To request a Compass/Skillsoft account-license or a 7-day pass, go to the MyPACK Portal > Faculty/Staff/Students, and log in with your Unity ID and password. 

      Once in MyPack portal, follow the menu path:   Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment

      On the 'Request Training Enrollment' page, click the 'Search by Course Number' link.

      Key in either the course number: use HRCP01 for the annual account-license, or HRCP02 for the 7-Day access pass.  Click the 'Search' button.

      From the Course Details section that appears, click the 'View Available Sessions' link. 

      From the list of available sessions, click the Monday session for your account-license, or 7-day pass, to be activated, click the 'Continue' button to submit your request, and click the 'OK' button to receive an e-mail acknowledging that T&OD received your request.  You will also receive an e-mail stating T&OD's receipt of your request.

      When your request is approved by T&OD (usually within a few minutes of your request), you will receive an e-mail confirming that your Compass account license or 7-day pass will be activated. 

* Please note that your Compass user account license, or the 7-day pass, along with your log-in credentials are created only for you, and therefore should not be transferred or shared.

 Compass Account License - Cancellation Policy

   A Compass account license or 7-day pass may be cancelled, without charge, within 3 business days from the day and time of the user's first log in to the Skillsoft learning portal. 

To cancel a Compass account license or 7-day pass, please call:  919-515-7844, or e-mail Training & Organizational Development.

 Upcoming Events for Current Compass Users

     New User Orientation via Web Ex

       All new Compass/Skillsoft users will be invited by e-mail to the training session as part of the enrollment in the Compass.  Attendance is optional; please decline the invitation if you prefer not to attend.

      (Upcoming Web Ex orientation sessions will be announced here soon.)

    The Red Zone - Learning Lab

       Meet with us monthly in our learning lab, which we call The Red Zone.   It is located on NC State's main campus in the Administrative II building-Sullivan Drive, room 212.  Here you can work on your Compass/Skillsoft courses without workplace distractions.  We provide laptops and earbuds, and the T&OD Compass team members are available to answer your questions.

      (Upcoming Friday sessions in The Red Zone will be announced here soon.)

    Compass Book Club

         Please join us on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 9:30am on NC State's main campus in Administrative II building -Sullivan Drive, room 212, for coffee and doughnuts.  We will have a discussion of the book How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About by Darryl Davis.  The book is located in Compass/Skillsoft Books 24X7. 


       More information about the book club on March 6, 2015: Compass Book Club details   

       You may register in advance for the Compass Book club session by calling 919-515-7844. 

       Walk-ins are also welcome!

     Phone/Mobile device access:

     Tablet access:

     Device access code: OT5DU

 Contact Us

   Please contact us with questions, or for more information:

     General Information:  919-515-7844 - Training & Organizational Development

     Makeba Jackson, Compass program manager: 919-515-6847 -

      Valerie Wilson, Training technology coordinator: 919-513-2628 -