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Effective Recruitment & Selection

Course Number: HRA03

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This course includes discussion and exercises to develop and practice skills in recruiting candidates, assessing candidate qualifications, interviewing, marketing, and using online and paper tools to facilitate the recruitment and selection processes.

  • Provide general information on EPA and SPA staffing (why candidates choose certain employers, costs of hiring, retention statistics, etc.) to establish importance of doing it correctly.
  • Discuss recruitment avenues and options for various types of positions.
  • Provide general overview (not demonstration) of NC State's online employment system.
  • Share information on how to effectively evaluate applications and resumes.
  • Provide information on interview techniques and how to's.
  • Share information on selling the position, department, and University.
  • Discuss methods of candidate evaluation.
  • Discuss the offer process.
  • Provide information on documentation and record-keeping.
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Effective Recruitment & Selection
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