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HR & Law: What You Need to Know

Course Number: HRA06

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HR & The Law: What You Need to Know This course provides participants with a basic understanding of how to minimize legal risk to self and the University. Participants can expect a mixture of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises that allow them to discover how state and federal law impacts their day-to-day responsibilities as supervisors. In addition, small group exercises will allow participants to actively engage in discussion with each other about the realities of these legal topics within HR, through the use of relevant examples.

  • Orient participants to the major state and federal laws and regulations related to human resource management.
  • Train participants on the basic principles of how to minimize legal risks and the need to do so.
HR & Law: What You Need to Know
06/05/20149:00 - 12:00Room 212Admin II
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Last Edited: August 1st, 2013