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Payroll Services

Course Number: HRA10

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Payroll Services- What You Need to Know You've recruited the employee and entered their job in the HR System; you've entered their time record (if they are a temp or have supplemental pay), now what? You've changed something about their FTE or salary, now what? This course will cover the basics of payroll processing; from the roles departments play in the cycle through payday. In addition to covering general definitions and procedures regarding pay pro-rations (standard pay pro-rations plus the special, complex 9-month EPA calculations), tax information and sequencing of events as demonstrated by payroll calendars, participants will be able to put this information into practice by working on some interactive payroll scenarios. The course will also address specialty areas of payroll such as manual checks, overpayments, and non-wage compensation.

  • Basic understanding of the role of the Payroll Office and the role of departmental payroll coordinators and personnel representatives.
  • Specific topics, involving interactive exercises, will include payroll processing, general payroll policies & procedures, pay pro-rations, payroll calendars, manual checks, general taxation (US residents), non-wage compensation and salary overpayments.
Payroll Services
11/12/20149:00 - 12:00Room 212Admin II
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