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Key Practices for Injury/Incident/Error Prevention

Course Number: HRA17

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Key Practices for Injury, Incident, & Error Prevention This course covers the resources, procedures, and assessment tools available to supervisors and other employees to both prevent incidents from occurring and to react properly when things go wrong. Campus services groups to provide safety, health, and security are introduced, along with key practices and procedures to prevent injuries, illness, property or environmental damage. Consequences of these incidents, regulatory drivers, fines and liability are included. Emphasis will be placed on proactive measures for injury prevention, including instruction on how to spot design and procedural traps where adverse incidents are likely to occur. Common accident causes, pattern, and means for prevention are included.

  • Provide understanding of the regulatory drivers for employee safety, campus resources and procedures for assuring a safe environment, basic emergency procedures, tools and processes available for safe equipment and experimental design, with emphasis on accident causes, patterns, and means to identify unsafe conditions or practices before incidents occur.
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Key Practices for Injury/Incident/Error Prevention
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