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PeopleSoft Query

Course Number: HRA33

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The HR System has vast information stored in it to help you answer questions about your department or college. How do you tap into that store of information? How do you get your questions answered? PeopleSoft/HR Query is the tool that helps you get to the information to answer your questions. This hands-on course will provide a basic introduction to Peoplesoft/HR Query and how to search, modify, and save queries. This course requires HR System access as well as HR query access to participate in the hands-on portion of the course.

  • The course will familiarize you with: the PeopleSoft/HR Query interface;
  • how to modify public queries by changing fields, selecting records, and creating or modifying selection criteria; how to save and copy public queries to other users.
PeopleSoft Query
04/28/20141:30 - 4:30Room 212Admin II
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Last Edited: August 1st, 2013