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Personnel Practices for EPA Non-Faculty

Course Number: HRA19

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Personnel Practices for EPA Non-Faculty. This course provides participants with a clear understanding of the policies related to EPA non-faculty employment. Participants will be shown how to establish performance expectations, address conduct and performance concerns, and identify the different employment and separation options available for EPA non-faculty. The course consists of lecture as well as in-class activities that foster understanding of related policies and options for managing various aspects of EPA non-faculty employment.

  • Explain related University policies and procedures
  • Review the criteria for EPA classification
  • Explain compensation practices and procedures for hiring EPA non-faculty
  • Identify tools for setting goals and managing performance concerns
  • Explain discipline and separation options
  • Explore related actions such as retreats to Faculty, transfers, and position changes
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Personnel Practices for EPA Non-Faculty
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