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Interpersonal Communication

Course Number: HR0005

Cost: $50

Description: Communication is basic to all human interaction. However, communication is a very dynamic process and communicating clearly and effectively is a challenging task. When mis-communications occur, the impact can be very costly both financially and non-financially. This course will explore verbal and written communication skills that are necessary to clearly and effectively communicate with others face-to-face and in small and large group interactions. The cost of this course is $50.00.


  • Explain the dynamic communication process and the impact and costs and associated with mis-communications.
  • Explore your communication style and the styles of others.
  • Identify methods for adjusting your communication style to better meet the communication needs of others.
  • * Demonstrate active listening skills. * Discuss and demonstrate a variety of interpersonal communication cues including verbal, vocal and visual.
  • Explain effective communication techniques for large and small group communications as well as written communications.
There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please contact T&OD regarding this course.
Interpersonal Communication
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