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Conflict Resolution HR

Course Number: HR0008

Cost: $50

No two people agree about everything. Whenever we interact with another person, co-workers, supervisors, or peers, the possibility of conflict exists. However, without the skill to collaboratively resolve conflicts, conflicts can go unresolved and impact work relationships and the work environment. By managing our own reactions, perceptions, and behaviors we can begin to resolve workplace conflicts. This course can be customized for intact teams. The cost of this course is $50.00.

  • Assess conflict situations
  • Explain the five types of conflict resolution styles
  • Identify your dominant conflict resolution style
  • Identify skills and strategies to adapt your conflict style to specific situations
  • Apply a Four-Step process for managing group conflict through collaboration
Conflict Resolution HR
05/15/20149:00 - 4:30Room 212Admin II
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Last Edited: August 1st, 2013