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Business Ethics

Course Number: HR0011

Cost: $25

When employees go to work, they do not leave their personal character at home. What can you do to establish the foundation for ethical practices at work? How do you respond to ethical dilemmas in the workplace and the choices and decisions made while at work? This course will introduce and explain basic ethical decision-making concepts and a four step process to assist you in making the right choice. The cost of this course is $25.00.

  • Define business ethics and corporate responsibility.
  • Explain how ethical conduct affects an organization's bottom line.
  • Apply an ethical decision making model to make an ethical decision.
  • Explain individual responsibilities in preserving values and standards.
  • Identify resources that support ethical decision-making
Business Ethics
05/29/20149:00 - 12:00Room 212Admin II
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Last Edited: August 1st, 2013