As an active NCSU employee, you may request enrollment for a course by logging into the MyPACK Portal, and following the menu path and instructions: 

Main Menu > Human Resources Systems > Employee Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment


If you're a manager wishing to request enrollment for an employee who reports to you, you may log into the MyPACK Portal. and follow the menu path and instructions:

Main Menu > Human Resources Systems > Manager Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment

Once  you've requested enrollment, you'll receive an email acknowledging receipt of your request.  Later, you'll receive an email indicating your actual approved (or perhaps denied) enrollment in the course session, along with session date/time/location. 

For more information about NCSU's Enterprise Learning registration system, please visit eLearning Central.



Professional Development

Professional skill development courses such as:  Conflict Resolution; Negotiation; Interpersonal Communication; Behavioral-Based Interviewing; and Management.

The Compass - Certificates and Online Courses

Learn more about The Compass (powered by Skillsoft), NC State's newest online learning and certificate program.

Certificate Programs

Programs that provide NC State employees and managers the opportunity to enhance job skills, knowledge and abilities thereby strengthening the services and operations of the entire university.


Policy, Procedures and University HR Processes

Courses that address State and Federal policies, regulations, and University HR processes.

EPA Administration



Classification & Compensation

Employee Relations Employment Services

Human Resources Information Management


University Safety and Compliance

Courses that benefit the university community in the areas of health, operational safety, population diversity and social awareness.

Environmental Health & Public Safety  -  EH&S

Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity  - OIED


Research Administration and Financial Operations

Other training opportunities:

Contracts & Grants

Financial and Budget

Purchasing and P-Card