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Who We Are & What We Do

As part of NC State's Human Resources Division, Training & Organizational Development (T&OD) supports our University's core mission of teaching, research and extension. by conducting certificate and leadership development programs, as well as a wide range of courses and services available to NC State faculty and staff.  

T&OD provides employees various opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities in areas like teamwork, diversity, strategic planning, coaching, negotiating, customer-service, interviewing, facilitation, ethics and more.   Our consultants also design and manage programs utilizing the latest industry best practices to develop or enhance employees' professional leadership skills and effectiveness.   We also guide work groups in the development of their organization's plan for contributing to the broader strategic goals of the university. 

T&OD offers open-enrollment courses which meet in a classroom setting, as well as online learning and certification through The Compass, powered by Skillsoft.   We invite you to take full advantage our learning opportunities!

What NCSU Employees Are Saying About Us

"I am serious when I say that Pathways is one of the most important  things that NC STATE does, and the 675 graduates are making a real difference on campus or wherever they are.

            --- Dr. Tim Luckadoo, Vice Provost, Campus Life, DASA


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