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Color Trials

Color Trials

See where the best of the best are tested and winners are chosen while enjoying thousands of the newest annuals and tender perennials in flower. This display garden evaluates plants for seed and plug companies around the world and provides the results to homeowners and nurserymen.

The Color Trials area at the JC Raulston Arboretum is an official All-America Selections (AAS) testing site for new cultivars of bedding plants, flowers, and cool season plants in North America. AAS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to testing and trumpeting outstanding new cultivars. Showcased and evaluated here are the newest varieties for bedding, hanging baskets, and containers. Fantastic year-round, the peak of color occurs June-August. During the cooler months, bright and colorful winter annuals steal the show.

Yearly, over 700 different perennials, annuals, and tender perennials are planted, and the performance of each plant is carefully evaluated each week. Ratings are based upon plant performance, appearance (size, shape, flowering), and susceptibility to other problems, such as, insects and diseases. Plants are evaluated in the spring through fall season and again during the winter season. Reports summarizing the results of this research at the JCRA are published twice a year, and are available on the JCRA Web site.

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