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Interpretive Signs

One of the interpretive signs at the JCRAEducational signs are located along the Arboretum's pathways with information about the plants, gardens, collections, and various related topics. NC State University faculty, along with the Arboretum staff, volunteers, and students, participate in writing the interpretive signs. Most signs are made using a permanent, durable, photosensitive aluminum that has been anodized on both sides. For more seasonal topics, some interpretive signs are temporarily placed in the gardens. These are created using laminated materials.

For our Web site visitors far and abroad, we've posted them below.

Individual Plants

Columnar English Oak—Quercus robur f. fastigiata
Compact Butterfly-bush—Buddleja 'Blue Chip'
Dwarf Loblolly Pine—Pinus taeda NCSU Dwarf Group
Hybrid Sweetshrub—Calycanthus 'Venus'
Japanese Crepe Myrtle—Lagerstroemia fauriei 'Fantasy'
Japanese Crepe Myrtle—Lagerstroemia fauriei 'Townhouse'
Japanese Snowbell—Styrax japonicus 'Emerald Pagoda'
Needle Palm—Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Raulston Allspice—Calycanthus ×raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine'
Weeping Winged Elm—Ulmus alata 'Lace Parasol'
Wollemi Pine—Wollemia nobilis

Plant Collections

Boxwood Collection—Buxus
Conifer Collection
Maple Collection—Acer
Redbud Collection—Cercis


Annual Color Trials
Asian Valley
Contemplation Garden
Geophyte Border
Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden
Lath House
Mixed Border
Rooftop Garden
Scree Garden
White Garden
Winter Garden
Xeric Garden

Other Topics

A Garden for Butterflies
Don't 'Leaf' Confused!
Honeybees - Angels of Agriculture
Monocarpic Behavior in Agaves
Sustainable Design
Vicarious Pairs
Weeping Trees
What's in a name?
Who was J. C. Raulston?

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