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Rooftop Garden

Cross section of rooftop layers
Cross Section of Planting Areas

A rooftop garden can be a beautiful setting while it insulates the building,reduces urban heat load, and improves water quality by absorbing and cleansing runoff.

You are standing upon the rooftop of the Ruby C. McSwain Education Center. This rooftop garden area was specially designed and constructed to support vegetation. Layers of growing media, drainage elements, and protective roof membranes are hidden beneath the surface. The planting beds contain a mixture of sand, a heat-expanded slate material (PermaTill), and organic material appropriate for use on green roofs.

Rooftop conditions are typically quite severe: hot, dry, exposed to wind and precipitation. The plants selected for these gardens not only tolerate these extreme conditions, but also help to moderate them, for the good of the environment and people who use the space.

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