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Contemplation Garden

Large oaks provide a perfect area for quiet contemplation.

Escape for a moment and relax in the shade.

Special places for contemplation are as old as the human race. This tranquil garden offers a soothing, simple place to relax, reflect, and let your mind wander. A meandering path leads to a stone council circle, a place of gathering, where each person can see and interact with all others. Several peaceful and unusual large oaks shade the garden.

This area is anchored by the large live oak (Quercus virginiana) growing far inland from its native coastal plain habitat. The Oglethorpe oak (Quercus oglethorpensis) is localized in only a few isolated populations in the Southeast and is categorized as vulnerable to extinction. From eastern Asia comes the Chinese cork oak (Quercus variabilis), where its bark has been used for cork production. The strong wood and lofty branches of many oaks have made them sacred throughout history and provide the perfect setting for quiet contemplation

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