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Who was J. C. Raulston?

J.C. Raulston and Styrax japonicus 'Emerald Pagoda'
"Plan—and plant for a better world"

NCSU Arboretum Founder

J. C. Raulston is credited with introducing and promoting more plants into horticulture than anyone else during the late 20th century. When J. C. arrived at the Department of Horticultural Science at NCSU in 1975, he became a major force behind the horticultural renaissance in the U.S. nursery industry. A gifted teacher, J. C. was widely recognized as a dynamo who selected, promoted and introduced "new" plants that changed our landscape and brought new excitement to gardening.

His death at age 56 in 1996, resulted in a multitude of tributes from around the world. In 1997 NC State University renamed the arboretum he founded in 1976 in his honor.

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