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Sustainable Design

Drought resistant plant on McSwain Center's Green Roof
McSwain Center's Green Roof

NC State University is committed to innovation and sustainability.

The McSwain Education Center and the Wilder Visitor Center use energy efficient geothermal wells for their heating and cooling needs. Geothermal wells draw heat from, or release heat to, the earth, which has moderate temperatures year round. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal units reduce energy consumption by 44%–72% over conventional systems.

Additional sustainable features include insulation from NC State University's first green roof; low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants; use of local materials, including native wood siding; extensive daylighting designed to penetrate deep into the building; energy-efficient windows; paints with low volatile organic compounds; and poured-concrete walls.

Other sustainable features include: NC State's first green roof; poured-concrete walls; use of local materials; low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants; deep penetrating daylighting; energy-efficient windows; and paints with low volatile organic compounds.

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