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Conifer Collection

American Conifer Society
Southeast Region Reference Garden

The Arboretum's conifer collection is notable for its broad diversity of conifer families and genera. It is one of the first research collections in the Southeast to demonstrate that a wide range of conifers can thrive in the hot, humid climate and heavy clay soils of our region. This collection contains about 500 different taxa or unique varieties of conifers and includes representatives from all six families and over half of the approximately 67 different genera.

The word "conifer" means cone-bearing and is derived from Latin. Conifers do not have flowers, but uniquely have male and female reproductive organs in separate structures called cones. Many of the dwarf conifers are derived from witch's brooms (crowded masses of shoots). Propagating these brooms often results in small, dense shrubs that are prized by conifer lovers.

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