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July 5, 2004

Today is a day to enjoy roses and everthing wonderful named after them.

Rosa 'Jactou' (Midas Touch™) (Midas Touch™ hybrid tea rose)
Rosa 'Jactou'
Midas Touch™ hybrid tea rose

Breynia nivosa
Breynia nivosa

Rosa 'Wekcryland' (Moonstone™) (Moonstone™ hybrid tea rose)
Rosa 'Wekcryland'
Moonstone™ hybrid tea rose

Rosa 'Jaczor' (Fame!™) (Fame!™ hybrid tea rose)
Rosa 'Jaczor'
Fame!™ hybrid tea rose

Hibiscus 'Fireball' (Fleming hybrid rose-mallow)
Hibiscus 'Fireball'
Fleming hybrid rose-mallow

Hemerocallis (daylily) - Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)
daylily and
Rosmarinus officinalis

Finley-Nottingham Rose Garden - Rosa (rose)
Finley-Nottingham Rose Garden

Rosa 'Wekplapic' (Betty Boop™) (Betty Boop™ floribunda rose)
Rosa 'Wekplapic'
Betty Boop™ floribunda rose

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