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September 7, 2004

Up Close and Personal

Nymphaea (water-lily)

Dalechampia roezliana
Dalechampia roezliana

Agave parryi subsp. parryi var. huachucensis (Fort Huachuca barrel agave)
Agave parryi subsp. parryi var. huachucensis
Fort Huachuca barrel agave

Ilex cornuta 'O. Spring' (variegated Chinese holly)
Ilex cornuta 'O. Spring'
variegated Chinese holly

Solanum pyracanthifolia
Solanum pyracanthifolia

Farfugium japonicum 'Crispatum' (crested leopard plant)
Farfugium japonicum 'Crispatum'
crested leopard plant

Cornus kousa 'Elizabeth Lustgarten' (weeping kousa dogwood)
Cornus kousa 'Elizabeth Lustgarten'
weeping kousa dogwood

Kniphofia rooperi (late red-hot poker)
Kniphofia rooperi
late red-hot poker

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