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November 1, 2004

Photographs by Allison Moore and Katy Fox - HS 590F Professional Skills Development

Chrysanthemum (Elizabeth Lawrence pink) (garden chrysanthemum)
Chrysanthemum (Elizabeth Lawrence pink)
garden chrysanthemum

Perilla 'Magilla' (tricolor perilla) - Sanchezia speciosa (tiger plant)
Perilla 'Magilla'
tricolor perilla and
Sanchezia speciosa
tiger plant

Musa velutina (pink velvet banana)
Musa velutina
pink velvet banana

Callicarpa americana 'Welch's Pink' (pink American beautyberry) - Symphoricarpos ×doorenbosii 'Magic Berry' (Doorenbos coralberry)
Callicarpa americana 'Welch's Pink'
pink American beautyberry and
Symphoricarpos ×doorenbosii 'Magic Berry'
Doorenbos coralberry

Klein-Pringle White Garden  -
Klein-Pringle White Garden

Koelreuteria paniculata 'Beachmaster' (dwarf goldenrain tree)
Koelreuteria paniculata 'Beachmaster'
dwarf goldenrain tree

Perennial Border -
Perennial Border

Celosia argentea var. argentea Spicata Group (wheatstraw celosia)
Celosia argentea var. argentea Spicata Group
wheatstraw celosia

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