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May 20, 2011

Hydrangea serrata 'Shishiva' (mountain hydrangea)
Hydrangea serrata 'Shishiva'
mountain hydrangea

Lonicera 'Mandarin' (orange honeysuckle)
Lonicera 'Mandarin'
orange honeysuckle

Clematis 'Betty Corning' (garden hybrid clematis)
Clematis 'Betty Corning'
garden hybrid clematis

Cornus elliptica 'Elsbry' (Empress of China™) (Empress of China™ evergreen flowering dogwood)
Cornus elliptica 'Elsbry'
Empress of China™ evergreen flowering dogwood

Deutzia ×hybrida 'Tourbillon Rouge' (pink deutzia)
Deutzia ×hybrida 'Tourbillon Rouge'
pink deutzia

Magnolia virginiana var. australis 'Henry Hicks' (evergreen sweet bay magnolia)
Magnolia virginiana var. australis 'Henry Hicks'
evergreen sweet bay magnolia

Itea japonica (Japanese sweetspire)
Itea japonica
Japanese sweetspire

Abelia parvifolia (Schumann abelia)
Abelia parvifolia
Schumann abelia

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