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Plantsmen's Tours

Note: All Plantsmen's Tour and FOA Lecture videos are unavailable at this time due to technical difficulties.

The following Plantsmen's Tours are available for online viewing. Each requires Adobe's Flash Player (version or greater) or an HTML5 enabled Web browser. Web browser scripting should also be enabled.

Each video is password protected for Friends of the Arboretum members. The user name is always "jcra" and the password will change from time to time. The password is printed on the newsletter's mailing address label (use all lower case letters) and is included in the monthly JCRA e-Update e-mails.

Player Controls

From left to right, the controls in the player are as follows:

If the video playback is jerky, make sure the download progress is ahead of the playback position. If the download cannot keep up, allow the video to download more by pausing the video for a short while. Also, close unneeded applications since video playback can be taxing on a computer's CPU and memory. Other possible solutions include upgrading the Flash Player plug-in or changing Web browsers. If none of the above helps, play the SD version of the video.

Happy New Year! We haven't recorded a Plantsmen's Tour yet this year. For videos from past years, please visit the links below in the Previous Years listings.

Previous Years


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