The Life Sciences First Year Program (LSFY) at NC State University challenges students to engage and excel as they embark on a college career throughout which they will grow intellectually, interpersonally, and as individuals.  Students in the LSFY take a common set of courses that prepare them for any of the life sciences degree programs at NC State.  In addition, LSFY provides a variety of programs designed to facilitate a successful first year in college.

Our website will continue to be revised throughout the year, and we encourage you to come back and visit as we work on it throughout this year.  As each page gets built and each link becomes live, you will be able to explore more and more of what the LSFY has to offer, including a common first year curriculum, our advising philosophy, how students transition from the LSFY into a degree program, and more.

Students examine pine needles in a botany lab.    Student preparing agar plates.

The Life Sciences First Year Program is a collaborative venture between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Sciences.