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Educating the Educated

ABOUT US: Our program, “Educating the Educated: A University-Wide Language Diversity Initiative,” is establishing a comprehensive approach to the issue of language diversity on campus. The model is a collaborative effort by members of CHASS, DASA, and College of Education led by Drs. Stephany Dunstan, Walt Wolfram, Audrey Jaeger and Danica Cullinan. Additionally, the Educating the Educated plan has established a student ambassador program that involves the mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students actively engaged in peer diversity education through a program that enriches students’ learning experiences, enhancing peer diversity education on campus, and which facilitates the sustainability of the Educating the Educated program.

Ideally, through this initiative every student, faculty and staff member who comes to NC State will be exposed to dialect diversity education and gain some understanding of its value. We believe that by highlighting this often-unrecognized type of diversity in a systematic way, we can make NC State a more inclusive linguistic environment for all of its constituents and expose issues of language-based stratification and inequality in systematic and comprehensive ways.


A heartfelt thank-you to all students, faculty, and staff who participated in this vignette!

Project Co-directors
Stephany Dunstan (sbdunsta at ncsu dot edu)
Danica Cullinan (danica_cullinan at ncsu dot edu)
Walt Wolfram (walt_wolfram at ncsu dot edu)
Audrey Jaeger (audrey_jaeger at ncsu dot edu)

Student Ambassadors
Erin Adamson (lead ambassador)
May Chung
Megan Cooper
Shivonne Gates
Caroline Myrick
Joel Schneier
Angela Tramontelli

How to contact us: If you are interested in learning more about language diversity, would like us to facilitate a language diversity workshop, or to provide you with resources tailored specifically to your department/unit, please contact any of the co-directors listed above via phone or email. We have resources to accommodate any and all campus groups- students, faculty, staff and public outreach!

Past events:

Fall 2012
STS 323 class workshop September 2012
First Year Inquiry class workshop September 2012
ELP 795 class workshop September 2012
ECD 296 class workshop October 2012

Fall 2013
Residence Hall Director training July 25, 2014
New Faculty Orientation August 13, 2014
North Carolina State Fair October 17-27, 2014
AEE 426 class workshop October 29, 2013

Spring 2014
College of Natural Resources workshop February 4, 2014
First Year Writing Center workshop April 3, 2014
AAE 426 class workshop April 7, 2014
Writing and Tutorial Center workshop April 11, 2014
Brickyard information event April 23, 2014

Upcoming events:
Fall 2014
New Faculty Orientation August 2014
Residence Director training August 2014
Packapalooza August 2014
Brickyard event (TBD) August 2014
and more!