Dreams from Pennsylvania, USA

Our teacher's name is Jane Maguire
Philadelphia area-Lansdowne Friends School
c/o esimon@mail.sas.upenn.edu


I have a Dream, Too!

-by: Mallory Wing

I have a dream that I will be a speaker of peace to tell people at war if another country hurts their country and they start a fight to the death, I will tell them Fighting is not the way to solve things when you put your lives at stake. If they were your relatives, neighbors, friends or the people you love the most, such as your children, will die before your eyes. We are all the same human beings on the inside, not on the outside.

And remember, when you see someone being treated badly, go cheer him/her up and tell the mean person to leave him/her alone. We're all the same on the inside and were not the same, but people with different skin, eyes, hair shape, and looks doesn't mean we're funny-looking to others. If you both understand each other quite awhile you'll both be friends, colored or not.

When my words have reached them and they understand them all, the people in the world would have peace and no more wars with other. People's hatred, violence, anger, pride, ambition, greed, envy, and darkness will be gone when my words heard and done.


I Have a Dream Too

-by Eddie Pettis

I have a dream that the world will not have as much hate and pollution. I hope to get a good education. I want to become an electrician. I want to play basketball for the NBA, or play football for the NFL.

I have a dream the people don't have to worry about hateful weapons like bombs or guns. That's my dream.


I have a dream, too

-by Leigh Gabrielle Senderowicz

The great and historic Dr. Mr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said I have a dream, that one day my children, will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, I have a dream today.

Well I have a dream, too. And sure, I dream of world peace and that stuff, but I also dream personal stuff. I dream I could fly. I dream that when I grow up, I'll have a good job, and good social life. So dream for world peace, dream that all of the kids in the world will get food, and dream for a new air hockey table.


My Dream

- by Arielle Cohen

My main dreams are world peace and no discrimination against anybody. Everyone would have health care and stuff like that. Women would be treated justly and fairly. No one would be hungry or starving and no one would have AIDS, cancer or leukemia.

My other dream is that there would be such a thing as magic. I know thats far-fetched but I would love to be a witch or wizard!


I have a dream too

-by David-Christopher Mychuluk

A dream that one day the world will be free of pollution, all guns will be banished, and there will be world peace, and there will be no poverty.

That is my dream.




I have a dream that I will get a good education. I will master the medical field and become a doctor. In order to fulfill my dream I will have to study hard and have a good math and science background.

I will then use my knowledge of basic logic to become an investor. If I don't become a doctor I will like to be a producer. I will also like to try playing in the NBA.

I will strive to provide the best for my family. I will not let my work interfere with family activities. I will then find a wife who is interested in the same things I am.

I hope to have two kids. I promise I will not miss out on my kids childhood. I want my kids to do the best they can in everything they do. I also want them to be very successful and go to church. I would like to spend my spare time with them. I would like to try everything possible to try. I will not whip my kids. I will punish them and give them time to think about what they did.


I have a dream too!

By: Jennifer Kearney

I have a dream that I will become a lawyer, doctor, artist or a teacher. I believe that I can be anything I want to be, if I just put my mind to it. I also believe that if I work hard enough, I can also be able to do it.

So, I am going to put my mind to it and work very, very, very, very, very, hard and stay in school and go to college and get my college degree. So, my dad and mom wont have to pay so much money and so they wont say You need to get a job or go get a job. I am tired of seeing you sit around and do nothing.


I have a dream, too

-by Cassandra Boland

My dream is that someday we will eliminate war. Some people think that war is a good way to express their feelings. Its not.

My dream is that someday, we will never use child abuse again. I hope when I grow up my career will have something to do with helping other people.

Someday, and maybe not today or tomorrow, we will live in a safe world. A world that has good examples for adults and children. Who can do this, you ask? Anybody. You, me, or someone who has a dream, and wants their dream to turn into reality.


I have a dream

-by Brittney Hamilton

I have a dream that one day there will be peace on earth. One day everyone will be equal. One day there will be no graffiti on the wall. One day there will be no trash on the ground. One day there will be no homeless people. Everyone will have a home. My dream is that one day, once someone gets married, they will never get divorced. One day there won't be any guns, because people won't need them. That is what my dream is.


I have a dream, too!

- by Monifa Thompson

I have a dream that one day everyone will be treated equally, and people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

That some day there will not be hate on this earth. That everyone will be called beautiful physically, and mentally. That this world will not be shattered by the disasters of pollution. That some day everyone will love everyone on this earth. That everyone will be treated as a whole person and not one part of a person.

My dream is to go to Moorehouse College and get my masters degree in law, also be able to pass the bar exam on the first try.


I have a Dream too!!!

-by Solie Richards

I wish for world peace. I hope that men and women have the same rights. I believe blacks and whites and everyone should have the same rights.

I wish that people can get along. I hope there are no more gangs. There will be no more killing. There should be better justice. I don't want any more polluting and littering.

I want a good life and family. I want a good job and education. I hope people will stop the abuse to both kids and grown-ups. I hope they will end the wars.

There should be integration not segregation. People working together no matter what. We can do it if we all just try, but we all have to try.


I Have A Dream Too. . .

-by: Claire Crawford

My dream is that everyone would respect other people's decisions and opinions. For example, the bombing of the abortion Clinic in Oklahoma. The whole point of doing that was to prevent mothers-to-be from killing their children, but by doing that they killed even more people. Doesn't really help the cause, does it?

They could have had a protest, and voice their opinions, but they should not be violent. There are many ways people can communicate peacefully, but not many people use them.



I have a dream too!

-by Jenny Torres

I have a dream that someday everybody will be treated equally. There will be no white or black, you will be able to look at someone without their race going through your mind even once!

Everyone will be considered beautiful in everyones eyes- both physically and mentally. Hate will be erased off the face of the earth. Never even heard of!!!

Everyone will be one family, we will work with what we have and make it into something bigger! War will be a faded memory. All people will have open minds, acceptance, creativity and no negative thoughts.

It doesn't matter whatever your race is, your age or size. It's just your mind, personality, kindness, love and friendship!

We can clean up this world for the people whose turn in life it is after us! People think that racism is gone that we've fought it off, but we haven't won yet!

This is my dream and I hope its yours too. We just have to try and it could happen!



-By: Jillian Manley

I have a dream that one day, there will be clean streets. A lot of shelters and if you forget to lock your door, it won't be a problem!!!!!! And your children can at least go out there in the backyard without having a weird person talking to them!!! And one day there will be a woman president.


My Dream Of Peace

-by: Elizabeth Steele

I hope that one day every living creature will come together and live freely. I hope that we can all get along and work together. No more wars!

If we all try our best we can make our dreams come true. We can be free! Make it happen!

When we all put our minds together and think it over clearly, we can accomplish almost anything. The sky is the limit, so reach for your dreams! Never lose hope!

If we believe in ourselves, and trust one another, we can live peacefully. Some people think that the Dream of Peace Plan cannot and will not ever happen, so they think that there is no reason to even try to help that dream come true. But every little bit counts. Start helping out today to make the world a better place.


I Have a Dream

-By, Julia Kartman

One day I hope the world will not begin wars but hope it will be in peace, love and happiness.

One day I hope to see everyone sharing and giving and most of all listening. Maybe if we are kind and friendly, we can work out our differences in a different way than war.

If we help the environment and clean up what we can, we can make this world a much safer and healthy place to live. So if we do these things, in the future the world that we live in will be a safe and clean environment for all of us.

Elaine Simon
Urban Studies Program
University of Pennsylvania