Music Department

International Festival of Contemporary Music

at the University of Chile


The fourteenth year of the International Festival of Contemporary Music at the University of Chile in Santiago brought musicians from across the world as well as Chile for this celebrated event. For five days, 280 musicians gave life to pieces by 40 composers, presenting an impressive panorama of new music from late 20th Helmuth Lachenmann, John Cage, Giacinto Scelsi, Luigi Nono,Toru Takemitsu, Salvatore Sciarrino, Frederic Rzewski, Luciano Berio to today’s composers: Javier Álvarez (Mexico), Louis Aguirre (Cuba), Mariano Etkin (Argentina), Michel Levinas (France), Georges Aperghis (Greece), Niels Chr. Rasmussen (Denmark), Lyudmila Kise (Moldova), Jen McLachlen (Canada) and others. The Festival also featured 19 notable works by Chilean composers: Fernando Carrasco, Eduardo Cáceres, Gabriel Brncic, Andrés Maupont, and Antonio Carvallo among many others.


The Isidora Zegers Hall of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile and the University Theatre in Santiago gathered a full house during the entire length of the Festival. The last performance was rewarded by long runs of applause, as the audience did not seem to want to leave the hall.


The public was offered a "wide range of trends, lines, poetics and aesthetics of contemporary music today," said Eduardo Cáceres , the Artistic Director of the festival. This edition also featured several international performers, including Argentinian pianist Ines Sabatini, German clarinetist Carola Schaal, Danish guitarist Mikkel Andersen, Canadian flutist Jen McLachlen and NC State’s pianist Olga Kleiankina.


The International Festival of Contemporary Music at the University of Chile is the most important festival held at the most prestigious University in the country that is famous for its long history of culture for classical music. It is widely advertised and funded by the National media (radio, television, newspapers).


University of Chile is the oldest, largest (65,000 students in 1973), and most prestigious University in Chile, one that boasts two Nobel Prize winners, 20 heads of State among its alumni, and a plethora of National Prize laureates in all the arts and sciences. The University of Chile is also its nation’s leader in research and has the most varied offer of undergraduate and graduate programs.


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