Music Department
Faculty & Staff


Faculty and Staff


Dr. Peter Askim (Bio)
Director of Orchestral Studies

Conductor, Raleigh Civic Symphony and Chamber Orchestra



Dr. Gary Beckman (Bio)

Director of Entrepreneurial Studies in the Arts

919-515-1637 (Broughton Line)


Robert Davezac
Concert Coordinator
919-513-4603 (Price Line)


Dr. John A. Fuller (Bio)
Assistant Director, Outreach and Assessment
919-515-8284 (Price Line)

919-515-1692 (Broughton Line)


Dr. Paul Garcia (Bio)
Director of Bands and Percussion Instructor
919-513-4489 (Price Line)


Logann Graham
Program Coordinator
919-515-2981 (Price Line)


Dr. Olga Kleiankina (Bio)
Assistant Teaching Professor
919-515-8282 (Price Line)

919-515-1085 (Broughton Line)


Dr. Tom Koch (Bio)
Interim Director
919-513-0888 (Price Line)

919-515-0149 (Broughton Line)

Dr. Jonathan Kramer (Bio)
Teaching Professor

919-517-7955 (Price Line)


Kathleen Laudate
Program Manager
919-515-1064 (Broughton Line)

919-515-8274 (Price Line)


Dr. Nathan Leaf (Bio)
Director of Choral Activities
919-515-8280 (Price Line)

Dr. Wes Parker (Bio)
Director of Jazz Studies
919-515-8277 (Price Line)


Dr. Rodney Waschka (Bio)
Chass Professor
919-515-5464 (Winston)


Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Alison Arnold (Bio)
Adjunct Faculty

919-515-7952 (Price Line)


William Boone
Adjunct Faculty



Dr. Robert Petters (Bio)
Adjunct Faculty
919-515-8275 (Price Line)


Clayton Darrell Thompson
Adjunct Instructor

919-515-2981 (Price Line)


Kristen Turner (Bio)

Adjunct Faculty



Adjunct Instructors


Mary Boone

Adjunct Instructor of Flute


Dr. Carlos Castilla (Bio)

Adjunct Instructor of Guitar


Don Eagle

Adjunct Instructor of Trumpet


Leonid Finkelshteyn (Bio)

Adjunct Instructor of Bass


Wayne Leechford (Bio)

Adjunct Instructor of Sax


David Lewis

Adjunct Instructor of Tuba


Jonathan Randazzo (Bio)

Adjunct Instructor of Trombone


Jennifer Seiger (Bio)

Adjunct Instructor of Voice


Lin-Ti Wang

Adjunct Instructor of Violin