Music Department
Guitar Performance


NC State Music Department Now Offers Applied Guitar Lessons for:

  • Beginners who wants to learn to play guitar; no experience necessary

  • Intermediate to Advanced guitarists who want to take their playing to the next level

  • OR

  • Students who want to pursue the Guitar Performance Music Minor


  • techniques of fingerstyle and plectrum style playing

  • how to improvise and play lead solos

  • how to  read tab and standard notation

  • how to write your own songs

  • to be proficient in multiple musical styles, including: Classical, Flamenco, Latin, Jazz, Blues/Rock, Acoustic Fingerstyle

High Caliber Guitar Instruction

  • Get Music Major quality instruction, without the stress and tests required of a music degree program

  • Learn from a Professional Guitarist and a Doctoral Candidate in Guitar Performance

  • If desired, lessons can prepare you to audition for the Guitar Performance Minor






For Students NOT Interested in Declaring a Guitar Performance Minor



Catalog Description


MUS 498: Independent Study in Music: Directed independent study of selected topics for students with specialized interests in music and/or advanced musical ability. Credit and content determined by faculty member in consultation with Director of Music.



Course Description


This is a 1 credit course for beginners and will serve as an introduction to playing the guitar, both as a solo and an accompanying instrument.  No experience is necessary.  This course is also for intermediate to advanced guitarists who want to take their playing to the next level AND/OR for students who want to pursue the Music Minor in guitar performance.  This course will be customized to each student’s performance level, desires, and needs.  The instructor has final authority to determine subject matter, although the student’s musical interests and goals will be considered when making this judgment.



Instrument Requirements:


Students MUST provide their own classical, electric, or steel string guitar.  Guitars will not be provided or available to rent.



Course Requirements


• Homework: The students are expected to practice what is assigned in the weekly lessons, thus demonstrating steady improvement on a weekly basis.


• Attendance: Attendance is, for obvious reasons, mandatory.  If a student is more than 15 minutes late for a lesson, he/she will be counted absent for that day.  For complete attendance and excused absence policies, please see  Two or more unexcused absences over the course of the semester will result in an Unsatisfactory evaluation.  If a student needs to miss a lesson for any reason, the instructor must be notified by email ASAP and an evaluation will be made at that time based upon the University Attendance Regulation (REG 02.20.3).  Lessons missed by the students will not be rescheduled.  Lessons missed by the teacher will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time.


• Class Participation: 100% participation is expected and is an inherent aspect to applied guitar study.   Students are expected to be attentive during lessons, ask questions, contribute comments and should come to each class having practiced the assignments and be able to demonstrate them on the guitar.


• Applied Lesson Charge: There is an applied lesson charge of $240.00 due at the beginning of the semester.  Checks should be made out to NC State University.  The Music Department does not accept credit cards, debit cards or cash.  This charge is NON-REFUNDABLE (should the student terminate applied lessons during the course of the semester).  See Logann Graham in 203 Price Music Center or Kathleen Laudate in 2404 Broughton Hall to pay your lesson charge.


• FormatTwelve weekly 45-minute individual lessons over the course of the semester, followed by a final performance exam (end-of-semester performance evaluation for faculty).



Grading (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory)

• Three performance tests = 50% (Test I 10%, Test II 15%, Final Exam 25%)

• Weekly individual lesson grades = 50%



Students are given constant evaluation of their achievement and progress through the individual lessons. Grading for individual lessons will be based primarily on achievement, but intensity of work and progress may be a factor.  Students may inquire about their progress and corresponding evaluation at any time.  To earn Satisfactory credit, students must attend lessons, demonstrate weekly improvement at each lesson, and then evidence this progress in the three performance tests. 



For Students Interested in Declaring a Guitar Performance Minor

See the music department webpage about the Music Minor,, for procedures. In addition, email Guitar Instructor Jonathan Gangi at and inform him of your desire to be in the Guitar Performance Minor and he will guide you through the enrollment process.