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Music Minor Recitals

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Paulina Ragunas: Voice Recital

Amy Bradshaw: Flute Recital

Kenny Yi: Viola Recital

Kevin Quick: Composition Recital

Julie Bernstorf: Trumpet Recital






LeimerPaulina Ragunas: Voice Recital

Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 5:00pm

Price Music Center Room 120


I will graduate in May 2016 with a degree in International Studies, concentrating in East and South-East

Asia with minors in Music, Japanese, and French. After graduation I plan to go to graduate school in

Florida for degrees in Japanese and French. I sang in school choirs in middle school and junior high

school as an alto, and sang with the NCSU women’s choir my freshman year. I appeared in three

musicals in high school, and one at NCSU. I currently participate in the State Chorale as a soprano.

Outside of the minor, I plays piano and trumpet on occasion, audition for musicals, and fiddle around

with virtual diva computer programs called Vocaloid.

Singing has taught me that even if something is a lot of work, if it’s something you want to do, it isn’t

really work at all. Practicing is something I want to do. I always feel better after I sing, no matter what

kind of day I’d had or mood I’m in. Singing is helping me become more self-aware and overcome my


I want to recognize my parents for encouraging me to pursue my passions and for traveling great

distances to see my performances; My voice coach, Jennifer Seiger for never giving up on me; and Dr.

Nathan Leaf for keeping choir fun and interesting.







LeimerAmy Bradshaw: Flute Recital

Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 4:00pm

Shared Recital with Kenny Yi

Price Music Center Room 120


My name is Amy Bradshaw, and I am a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and a minor in music performance. I have always enjoyed music and ever since I started playing the flute in 6th grade, I have wanted to continue improving my musicianship. At NCSU, I have been a member of the Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, and Marching Band. Back home, I play in worship services at Cokesbury United Methodist Church in Stedman and Snyder Memorial Baptist Church in Fayetteville. My involvement with music has taught me that with dedication, practice, and perseverance, any goal can be achieved. I am amazed by the power of how instrumental music can express meanings beyond words and enable me to share a meaningful moment with others. Since I am generally a shy person, music performance has enabled me to express myself and become more confident in my abilities. I want to thank my parents for their love and support and for encouraging me to further my music education. I also want to thank Mrs. Boone who has taught me so much; I am privileged to have worked with her and I greatly appreciate her dedication and enthusiasm in helping me become a better musician and a more confident individual. I also want to thank all of the music department staff and the Mu Beta Psi organization for their continuous support of the NCSU music program.


LeimerKenny Yi: Viola Recital

Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 4:00pm

Shared Recital with Amy Bradshaw

Price Music Center Room 120


I’m Kenny Park Yi, and I’m a junior majoring in Communication (Media). I’m originally from Fayetteville, NC, which is where I started playing the Viola back in 5th grade. I’m currently a member of the Raleigh Civic Symphony and the NC State Men’s Choir. I’m also a member of the greatest group on campus, the Comedic Improvisation Alliance (CIA).


Back in 5th grade, there was no way I would have known that I would meet the most wonderful people and have the most fantastic opportunities all thanks to picking up the Viola. I can’t stress how lucky and humbled I am to have had these opportunities to make great music with such great people.






LeimerKevin Quick: Compostion Recital

Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 1:00pm

Price Music Center Room 120


I am a senior with triple majors in Psychology, Sociology, and Interdisciplinary Studies with triple minors in Music (Composition), Spanish, and Ethics. My musical interest began at a young age at church with a 3 year old children’s choir and 3rd grade handbell choir.  In sixth grade, I began learning the double bass because it was the biggest instrument available and my mom refused to let him bring home a violin since she has terrible memories of her sister learning the violin when she was a child. I thoroughly enjoyed playing in handbell choirs and travelling to festivals, but lost some interest after my friends quit the choir after graduating high school, so I began to play more advanced solo handbell pieces. I became the director of his church’s orchestra during my junior year of high school, which inspired me to become better at arranging and composing (because church orchestras often have unusual groups of instrumentalists available). I continued my interest in music in college by participating in the Wind Ensemble, two jazz combos, and Jazz Ensemble I with my double bass, and by joining the State Chorale (NC State’s premier mixed-voice choir as a tenor) and touring with The Raleigh Ringers (handbell group extraordinaire). I also direct music at the Raleigh Wesley Foundation where I lead the praise band in weekly worship service and direct the handbell choir, which I founded to share the joy of handbells with fellow college students.  My motto is “College students love handbells! They just don’t know it yet!”  Many of the handbell musicians performing today had never played a bell before, until I persuaded them to join. Music, and specifically handbells, has taught me the value of cooperation and that the only way to improve is to try harder (and smarter).



Julie Bernstorf: Trumpet Recital

Monday, May 4, 2015 at 7:00pm

Price Music Center Room 120


My name is Julie Bernstorf and I am a senior in Biological Engineering with a

concentration in Environmental Engineering (BAE). I enjoy many different outdoor sports such

as whitewater kayaking, backpacking, snowboarding, triathlons, sailing, wakeboarding,

swimming, geocaching and also racquetball. I have been extremely fortunate to grow up in a

talented musical family. My mom plays professional bassoon, my dad plays French horn, and my

sister, Jill, plays the flute. In second grade my dad began to teach Jill and me the trumpet. After

about a year I decided to pursue piano before returning to trumpet the summer before middle


As a middle school student my favorite class was band and I also enjoyed the weekly,

early morning jazz band rehearsals and pep band in the spring. My first professional trumpet

teacher was Karl Kassner, a good family friend.


Freshman year of high school was a huge turning point in my musical career. Page High

School’s previous band director, Ed Kimbrough, strongly encouraged me to pursue music to a

higher level and to this day is one of my top trumpet role models. I also began more consistent

lessons with Tim Hudson. I enjoyed playing with various all-county and all-district ensembles in

addition to Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, and Pep Band. I also performed with the

Greensboro Concert Band, Greensboro Philharmonic, and Greensboro Youth Brass Ensemble –

sometimes with my dad and sister.


After enrolling at NC State I decided to pursue the music performance minor in order to

receive private instruction with Don Eagle and gently force myself to continue playing through

college. Throughout my four years at NC State I have performed with the Wind Ensemble,

Chamber Orchestra, British Brass Band and Jazz Ensemble I. After hearing the NC State’s

previous brass quintet, State of Brass, I founded a new quintet in 2013, the Brickyard Brass. In

my remaining year at NC State I plan to participate in as many ensembles as I can and continue

to improve my musicianship. After college, I hope to freelance and perform in community

groups and a brass quintet in addition to my engineering job.


I would like to specifically thank my mom, dad and sister for being an incredible family.

You know your family loves you when they “enjoy” listening to everyone practice trumpet,

piccolo trumpet, French horn, piccolo, flute, bassoon, contra-bassoon, and piano music several

hours per day!