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NCBI Information for Workshop Sponsors

The following talking points provide more information about the NCBI workshop.

Building Bridges Workshop

The goal of Building Bridges is to mobilize participants to carry the message of acceptance and inclusion to others.

This unique workshop - interactive, experiential, and high energy - allows participants to gain self-awareness, stretch beyond their comfort zone, and gain new understanding. During this six-hour workshop (that can be taken in one day or two 3-hour sessions), participants engage in small and large group discussions and activities led by trained facilitators. Participants of the Building Bridges workshops are both contributing teachers and willing learners.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Claim pride in one’s own group identities.
  • Identify the information and misinformation learned about ourselves and other groups.
  • Gain empowerment by learning ways to challenge bigoted comments and actions.

Preparing participants for the workshop:

  • Review workshop talking points.
  • Set expectations with all participants for participation in training.
  • Share workshop date, time, location, length with participants.
  • Share importance of addressing diversity and why this workshop is being held for this group.

In preparation for the workshop:

  • Coordinate and confirm location, date, and time with NCBI affiliate director at least 4 weeks prior to workshop.
  • Forward participant numbers to NCBI affiliate director at least one week prior to workshop.
  • Set up room: chairs (only) in half circle, table at front of room.
  • Provide Handouts: copy NCBI handouts for participants (provided by workshop facilitator) and bring to the workshop.
  • Supply equipment: two flip charts on stands with markers, LCD projector, or overhead projector.

After the workshop

  • Review evaluations and seek informal feedback.
  • Talk with facilitators to seek advice on continuing needs of the group.
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