Chemistry Seminar Program

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All seminars begin at 3:40 pm in Dabney 124 unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be served outside Dabney 124 at 3:30 pm.


Friday, January 9

Host: Reza Ghiladi

Vincent Pecoraro, University of Michigan

“Metallacrown Magnetism and Luminescence”

Friday, January 16


Friday, January 23

Host: Reza Ghiladi

Ken Karlin, Johns Hopkins University

“Copper and Heme-Copper Dioxygen Binding, Structures and Reactivity” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, January 30

Host: Alex Smirnov

Vladimir Ladizhansky, University of Guelph

“Solid-state NMR and membrane structure determination: in search for new methods to address old problems” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]


Inorganic Chemistry Seminar
Thursday, February 5

Leslie Murray, University of Florida

“All wrapped up: multimetallic complexes housed within macrobicyclic ligands” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, February 6

Host: Christian Melander

Lori Burrows, McMaster University

“Agents Provocateur: Stimulation of biofilm formation by bioactive small molecules” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Organic Chemistry Seminar
Monday, February 9
DAB 220 at 3:30 PM

Host: Christian Melander

Brian McNaughton, Colorado State University

“Expanding the Functional Utility of Proteins as Research Tools and Therapeutic Leads” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, February 13

Host: Stefan Franzen

Nicole Steinmetz, Case Western Reserve University


Organic Chemistry Seminar
Wednesday, February 25
COX 306 at 1:00 PM

Host: Christian Melander

Xiang Wang, University of Colorado, Boulder

“Bio-Inspired Synthesis of Functional Molecules”

Special Interest Seminar
Wednesday, February 25

Host: Alex Nevzorov

Nate Traaseth, New York University

“Structural Studies of the Drug Transporter EmrE by NMR Spectroscopy” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, February 27



Friday, March 6

Host: Joshua Pierce

Karl Scheidt, Northwestern University

“Advances in Carbene Catalysis” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, March 13

Spring Break / Recruitment Weekend

Friday, March 20

Host: Tatyana Smirnova

John Golbeck, Penn State

“A Solar Hydrogen-Producing Bio-Nanoconstruct that Outperforms Natural Photosynthesis” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, March 27

Host: Walter Weare

Jeff Long, UC-Berkeley

“Carbon Dioxide Capture and Hydrocarbon Separations in Metal-Organic Frameworks” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]


Friday, April 2

Spring Holiday

Friday, April 10

Host: Chris Gorman

Paula T. Hammond, MIT

“Electrostatic Nanolayer Delivery Platforms: from Macro- to Nano-pharmacies” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Tuesday, April 14
Williams 2215 at 1:15 PM

Host: Felix Castellano

Steve Forrest, University of Michigan

“To live and let die: Excitons and the life cycle of organic electronic devices” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, April 17
DAB 124 at 3:30 PM

Hosts: Lucian Lucia and Chris Gorman

George John, The City College of the City University of New York

“Functional Materials - Biomass as a Platform for Molecular Design” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Tuesday, April 21

Host: Gufeng Wang

Javier Vela, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

“Molecular Control of Nanoscale Composition, Morphology and Function” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar
Thursday, April 23
DAB 220 at 3 PM

Host: David Shultz

Jeffrey Rack, Ohio University

“Isomerization Dynamics and Photonastic Effects in Photochromic Ruthenium Sulfoxide Complexes and Materials” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

Friday, April 24

Host: David Shultz

Ben Lear, Penn State

“Ground state electron mobility in molecules and materials” [ View Abstract (PDF) ]

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