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Chemical Safety Checklist


  • Become familiar with the hazardous chemicals you use
  • Maintain hard copies, or electronic access to Material Safety Data Sheets in the work area
  • Read labels and material safety data sheets before handling, using, or storing a chemical
  • Wear assigned protective clothing and equipment
  • Wear respirators when assigned and check for proper fit before each use
  • Check that equipment is in good working condition before use
  • Follow job procedures
  • Inspect containers regularly for leaks and report any you find
  • Keep containers closed when not in use
  • Keep incompatible materials away from each other in storage or use
  • Keep flammable and explosive chemicals away from ignition sources
  • Keep the work area clean and clean up spills immediately
  • Keep food and drinks out of the work area, and wash thoroughly before you eat or drink
  • Be sure there's enough ventilation in the work area
  • Don't work alone on a potentially hazardous job
  • Dispose of all contaminated materials properly
  • Remove ignition sources that could cause fires
  • Keep spilled materials out of drains and water supplies
  • Clean up small spills with the absorbents listed on the MSDS
  • Get medical help immediately if someone is overexposed to chemicals
  • Label all containers with appropriate content and associated hazard(s)
  • Check gas cylinder(s) and lines for leaks before using

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